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Red in Tooth and Claw
Quest Giver Ainmhi
Location Eastern Odarath
Prerequisite None
Reward XP
Type Side Quest

Red in Tooth and Claw is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


In eastern Odarath there is an underdressed man, Ainmhi, who claims to be a wolf cursed into human form. He asks you to bring him water from an enchanted well to break his curse, however he warns that the well is guarded by powerful sprites. Just north-east of where Ainmhi is walking is the well surrounded by 3 Sprite Commanders. They're each a different element, Fire, Ice, and Lightning.

When you kill them, the well disappears. Go back to Ainmhi. He informs you that the well wanders and advises you to find Leechwood Bark which can be harvested in the area.

Find the well to get the water. The well moves around, so you can choose to just wait in the center until it moves and then run to it, or wait at one of its locations.

Return to Ainmhi. He thanks you and promises to give you a wolf's knowledge of combat. Upon finishing speaking, he promptly turns into a wolf and wanders off while you gain a level-dependent amount of XP.


This quest's name is a reference to the poem "In Memoriam A.H.H." by Alfred Tennyson.

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