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The Reckoning mode makes the player significantly stronger by manipulating the threads of fate, unraveling their enemies'. While in Reckoning mode, the Fateless One deals additional damage and takes less damage from all sources. It is attained when the player has the Fate Energy bar full. The player also has the option of gaining additional experience for the Fateless One by Fateshifting.

Reckoning mode is recommended against particularly difficult mobs, bosses, or large groups of enemies. Using Reckoning mode against weak mobs or small groups of weak mobs is generally considered a waste.

In The Legend of Dead Kel DLC the Reckoning mode is given another use. The Fateless One can enter reckoning mode in order to open a new type of hidden door - the Fate Door.

Entering Reckoning mode Edit

To enter Reckoning mode, the player must hold the corresponding button (Default "X" on PC, "RT" and "LT" together on Xbox 360, "R1" and "L1" together on PS3) until it activates. Visually, the player will know it has activated by their weapon having a bluish purple glow.

Reckoning mode is occasionally automatically activated when certain storyline scenes occur.

During Reckoning mode Edit

While in Reckoning mode, time appears to slow down and the Fateless One deals additional damage and takes less damage from all sources. The Fate Energy bar slowly drains until empty.

Enemies the Fateless One defeats in Reckoning mode are unconscious and their fate begins to unravel.

Ending Reckoning mode Edit

The Reckoning mode may end on player's command, with the depletion of the fate bar or by the act of Fateshifting an enemy.

While in Reckoning mode, the player may choose to Fateshift an enemy by pressing the "Interact" button when prompted while standing next to a defeated enemy. (Default "F", "A" or "X" on PC, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3 respectively.) Fateshift is a special fatality-like move that can be performed by the Fateless One and it also kills every unraveling enemy, providing additional experience. As the Fateless One deals this finishing move, the player may button-mash to gain up to 100% additional experience.

Fateshifting drains all remaining Fate Energy and returns the bar to empty.

If the player does not Fateshift an enemy before the bar runs out, all of the beaten enemies will stand back up - though with minimal health. This causes Reckoning mode to be essentially wasted as the enemies are still alive and possible additional experience will be missed.

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