Recipe for Trouble
Recipe for trouble
Quest Giver Nanne Hanri
Location Golden Age Alchemy (Gorhart Village)
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Sturdy Robes
250 Gold
Minor Health regen
Type Side

Recipe for Trouble is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Locate Nanne in Gorhart's alchemy shop and she will give you a quest to locate her missing apprentice, who has gone missing along with a deadly alchemy formula which in the wrong hands could kill all inhabitants of Odarath.


Crates with formula

The Crates which must be destroyed

Karth Hilfred is in the Agnur Farhal mini-dungeon east of town, simply speak with him to expose his treachery, and then destroy all hostiles to destroy Nanne's secret formula.

Return to Nanne and complete the mission

  • Destroy the formula shipments

Some of the boxes will be outside this small dungeon (in Odarath) so track the quest to find all the crates.

  • Return to Nanne Hanri to complete the mission


Some notable loot found includes:

  • Various loot found inside Agnur Farhal and on the Red Legion thugs


  • After completing this mission Nanne will pay an extra 25% for goods sold to her.

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