One Man's Trash...
Quest Giver Ratofer
Location Ayten
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Gold
Type Side Quest

One Man's Trash... is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Before entering Ayten, you will be greeted by a beggar, Ratofer, who proposes you a deal which both of you will benefit from. He will get rid of his items and get some gold and you will keep a share of the profits made from selling his items.


  • Talk to Ratofer in Ayten. He will ask you to sell some of his items. You can either sell them one by one, or purchase all of them for 1100 Gold. If you are interested in getting a persuasion check, you must sell the items one by one. If you buy them all at once, he will leave for Mel Senshir and you will not be given the chance to fetch the deed for Corgan Hold (which will yield the persuasion check for this quest). Additionally, buying the items all at once will prevent you from using the Acid Solution on the ring.

Ratofer will ask you to sell the following items:

  • Bag of Ratofer's Silverware: You can first melt down the silverware to make it worth more for sale. The processed silver can then be sold for 100 to Banraun the Smithy. The original silverware sells for 62 gold.
  • Ratofer's Kerchief: Can be sold for 180 Gold at Thorin's Apothecary (with Mercantile skill use) or 112 Gold without a high Mercantile skill.
  • Ratofer's Daggers: Can be sold for 337 Gold to Fynwick Iver, or for 450 gold if at least one gem is socketed into them before talking to Fynwick. A gem can also be found in the same chest you found the acid solution in The Golden Plains Inn in Ayten .
    • You can probably get more for whatever gem you are using if you sold the gem separately.
    • If you socket the gem, then unsocket it, Fynwick will still think the gem is there and give you 450 gold for the daggers.
  • Ratofer's Ring: Can be sold for 600 Gold to Singing Nell. You can first polish the ring with an Acid Solution found in a chest in the upstairs of The Golden Plains Inn. Use the acid then the ring to apply the solution.
    • All in all you can sell all items for 1217 Gold which is a profit of 117 Gold, making the option of purchasing the items from Ratofer a poor choice.
    • Ratofer will then ask you to fetch and sell the deed to Corgan Hold: It can be found in a chest in Corgan Hold.  You sell it to Gordan Lot (for 1050 Gold with a Persuasion check or 690 Gold otherwise - profit 345-525).
    • Return back to Ratofer to complete the quest (level-dependent XP award, but no Gold except what you made selling his stuff), he will tell you that he's going to return to the war front.


  • The quest is an either/or choice.  If you buy the items lump sum and then sell them off, you get the quick, simple quest "One Man's Trash...", if you go back and forth individually with each item, you receive the lengthier and more profitable "Ratofer's Pawns" Quest.  The "Pawns" option, includes the trip to Corgan Hold and the retrieval of the Charter; "Trash" does not.
  • It is recommened to complete this quest as "Ratofer's Pawns" otherwise Ratofer won't ask you the Fateless One to fetch deed in Corgan Hold.
  • The Mercantile skill can help with this quest. Selling the charter though, has a persuasion check.
  • If you follow Ratofer after the quest concludes, he will walk towards Forsaken Plain and suddenly dissappear.
  • An interesting observation is even if the Daggers are properly improved with gems and sold without incident, the Quest Log will still state that they were destroyed and the fact has to be hidden from Ratofar. However, the Quest continues without incident. This also occurs with every item in the quest.