Raising the Dead
Raising the Dead
Quest Giver Idwa Widfrond
Location Forsaken Plain
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Gold, XP, Random items
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Raising the Dead is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


  People are hunting for the grave of a great Varani merchant named Azo Raemund.  They say he is buried with the many jewels he acquired during his lifetime.

NOTE : DO NOT loot unmarked graves in this area (Forsaken Plain) before you begin this quest as it may lead to program bugs and a quest that can no longer be completed.


  • Talk to Idwa Widfrond south of the Orieator's Tomb in the eastern Forsaken Plain. She will ask you to find the grave of the Varani merchant Azo Raemund.
  • Visit the potential graves (called "unmarked graves") marked on the minimap. In one of the graves is a letter that sends the Fateless One to Britt Hagni in Emaire village. As soon as you take the letter from the grave, the markers for the other unmarked graves will disappear from your map (as the quest will have updated).
  • Pester him about being Azo Raemond, and at the end pass a persuasion check to get three rings:

Note: If you decide to allow Hagni to live in peace, he will reward you with his gratitude and only Azo's Wealth.

  • Return back to Idwa Widfrond. The Fateless One will have to choose between three options:
    • "Here are the rings": the three rings are removed (Reward: Random weapon & armor and (level-dependent) XP (but no Gold)).
    • "He and his rings are gone": (Reward: Gold & XP, both level-dependent.)
    • "He's alive and in Emaire": (Reward: Random Longbow & XP)

The second and third options will make the rings removable from the inventory. Selling all three will net approximately 6000 gold (at 10 Mercantile) in Ysa should you complete What Ales You.

Notes Edit

  • Stealing Azo's Wish without killing him then talking to him will result in him giving you a duplicate Azo's Wish.
  • It is possible to pickpocket all the rings from Idwa after handing them over to her, and they can be fenced (or sold with 10 Mercantile) safely after completing the quest.

Bugs Edit

  • Looting the unmarked graves before beginning the quest could cause them to glitch out, rendering you unable to interact with them.
    • A possible fix to this would be to pickpocket the rings from Britt directly, or going back to Idwa after visiting the graves.

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