Pteryx Talon
Sceptre Pteryx Talon
Base Damage 89
Durability 25
Rarity Unique
Type Sceptre
Requirements Level 16
  • +10% Health
  • 5% Chance to Steal 17 Health per Hit
  • Pteryx Talon is an Item in Teeth of Naros DLC.


    Noble and terrifying, many Kollossae have come to view the pteryx as the emblem of the hardships and trials they have suffered as a part of their journey to raise Idylla.

    Damage BreakdownEdit

    • 54 Lightning Damage
    • 35 Shocking Damage over 5 seconds


    • +10% Health
    • 5% Chance to Steal 17 Health per Hit


    Acquired by turning in enough Marauder Totems in the task Myrrine's Burden.

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