Privateer's Gloves
Privateer's Gloves Inventory
Durability 25
Armor Rating 74
Rarity Set Item
Type Gloves
Requirements Finesse 38-43
Effects +5% Crit Damage
+10% to Edged Weapons
Privateer's Gloves is an armor piece in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


These gloves are part of the privateer's uniform worn by deadly seafaring mercenaries that hunt down and deal with pirate threats. These seagoing warriors are skilled in the ways of sabotage, assassination, and sea and land survival.


  • +5% Critical Hit Damage
  • +10% Damage with Edged Weapons


Privateers gloves location

Pile of rocks above jump point

  • Can be found in a pile of rocks in the south of the Dark Harbor area.


  • See bugs on the main DLC page for The Legend of Dead Kel. Multiple copies of this armor can be found, each upgraded to the Fateless Ones level at the moment of looting.

Set BonusesEdit

Privateer's Armor Set provides the following bonuses:

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