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Primere equipment

A full set of Prismere armor.



can be obtained at Odi's Camp from Brun


Location of Cyf Cadyr and Marisal Cadyr.

the Bard for a rather demanding fee.

A Prismere Helmet can also be obtained in Rathir at Gwalchmai's Goods from Galen Gwalchmai.

Chest / Legs / Feet / ShieldEdit

Can be bought from Cyf Cadyr at Rathir in the blacksmith's shop.


Most can be purchased from Marisal Cadyr at Rathir, who happens to be very near to Cyf.

  • Prismere Faeblades
  • Prismere Hammer
  • Prismere Kite Shield
  • Prismere Longsword.
  • Primere Chakrams
  • Prismere Daggers.
  • Prismere Greatsword
  • Prismere Greatsword charge

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