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Prismere is an Item in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Prismere is a special and rare crystal that is primarily found in the region of Alabastra, home to the Winter Fae. It is a dark blue crystal in its natural state, but when treated and infused with magic it becomes blood-red.

During the time of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Prismere contains very powerful magical properties, and is used by the Tuatha Deohn in their weapons and armor. It is also the power source for both Fomorous Hugues' and Ventrinio's Well of Souls.

Long before the Crystal War, Prismere was not as useful as it once was, which has many scholars wondering why it has quickly grown to contain such power.

In fact, Prismere is the physical form of Tirnoch, the new goddess that the Tuatha worship. As her seal weakens, more of her power escapes and energizes the Prismere.

It is known to have a powerful psychological effect on Fae and Bisarane hints that it is directly connected to a Fae being a Tuatha. The Fateless One, accompanied by either Alyn Shir or Sola to the Haxhi Dam, discovers that Prismere affects Wild Fae in a similar way.


Extremely rare, this glittering dust made from pulverized Prismere crystal will grant the essence of worldly Experience to a potion.

In alchemy, prismere dust is used to create experience potions.


Refined and magically-treated prismere is used to forge the strongest weapons and armor.

Other usesEdit


Prismere is mostly found in Alabastra, but a seam has been found in Stonecandle Mines in the Allestar Glade.


  • According to a Lorestone found in Bhaile, when many of the heroes of the Winter Fae rose up against Gadflow after his massacre of the Winter Court, he summoned the wraith of Tirnoch and pierced them on spires of Prismere.
  • Though ostensibly Prismere is related to Tirnoch, no ill fate awaits anything composed of or dependent on Prismere, nor anything reliant on any magics therein when Tirnoch is slain;
    • All Prismere equipment in Amalur remains as functional as before, any Prismere Dust remains as potent alchemically as before, and available Prismere Crystal deposits where Prismere Dust can be sourced remain no less plentiful as before.
    • It is also notable that although Prismere was used to fuel the Well of Souls which was used in reanimating the Fateless One, the Fateless One suffers no ill effects.
    • Prismere Trolls also continue to exist, apparently entirely unaltered by the event.


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