Priestess Corelon
Basic Info
Race Ljosalfar
Gender Female
Location Tirin's Sanctuary
Class Priestess
  • Healing
  • Priestess Corelon is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    In the ten years since war swept across these Plains, I have guided this village by Lyria's light and by the wisdom of her teachings. I was a humble student of the faith when I heard the call - it was so keen and clear. I left the temple that day, to serve my people as I could.


    Priestess Corelon is a Ljosalfar priestess of Lyria, the mayor of Tirin's Rest and the village healer. She believes that the nearby village of Culn was struck by the Tuatha because they didn't worship the goddess.

    As a healer, she can restore the Fateless One's health and mana, cure diseases and remove curses, for a fee.


    She can usually be found within Tirin's Sanctuary, the chapel of the village.



    The Priestess speech to the villagers of Tirin's Rest:

    For truly, my children, we are loved and blessed by Lyria. Lyria, goddess of fate, who holds the cards that spell our mortal lives. Those she holds dear prosper and thrive. Yet the strong and the proud fall beneath her displeasure. Go in peace, be guided and blessed by Lyria, my children.

    If you approach and talk to her:

    Greetings traveler. I am the mayor of this village, its priestess, and its guiding light. Now tell me child, are you also a follower of the goddess Lyria?
    upon your first encounter.
    Then you are most welcome here to the village of Tirin's Rest. If you seek healing, I can aid you. The doors of our inn, trader, locksmith, and sanctuary are all gladly open to the weary traveler.
    if chosen the response: Yes, I am.
    Do not despair, even the strangest heathen may be enlightened here in Tirin's Rest, welcome. The doors of our inn, trader, locksmith, and sanctuary are all gladly open to the weary traveler.
    if chosen the response: No, I am not.
    By my lady Lyria's grace, I have the power to heal and to cure.
    when asked about her Healing Services.
    Why, Lyria is goddess of magic and our people. You should know that. Come, pray in the morning in my sanctuary. Learn your own faith.
    when asked about Lyria.
    Our village is a lesson in Lyria's blessings. Take the two villages: Tirin's Rest and Culn. When the Tuatha struck this land, which stood strong? That which loved Lyria most.
    when asked about Tirin's Rest.
    You may visit its ruins on the coast. They are a testament to what befall all who displease my Lady of Fate. Atheof's daughter and the others who went to resettle there showed great ignorance as to the finality of Her will.
    when asked about Culn.
    When the war brought Fae to our doors, there was but one righteous Almain: our own Atheof. That is why we welcomed him and his... willful daughter to our home.
    when asked about Atheof Cergren.
    We must do what we can for our Alfar soldiers across the water. Meyra, our innkeep, takes donations for the cause.
    when asked about The War.
    Bless you, child.

    While doing 'Tirin's Secret':

    Hold fast to Lyria, for she is the goddess of power and fate. She determines who shall live and who shall die. Who prosper and who starve. And she asks only that you love her and strive in every way to cleave to her will.
    the Priestess speech while you approach to talk to her.
    Pray for our Alfar soldiers across the water.
    I am sure I don't know what you are speaking of.
    upon your response: I have seen Adar.
    Do what? Are you accusing a Daughter of Lyria of - of - do you know who I am?
    when asked: Why did you do it?
    If you persist in speaking nonsense, I will ask you to leave Tirin's Rest.
    You. There. See that a guard keeps watch within my sanctuary.
    a Priestess' order to the militia once you are done talking to her.

    Once you've freed Adar from his cell:

    You! It was you!
    Oh, I know you are the one who freed that... that danger. Yes, danger - he came to me, cursed me! My powers are gone. I cannot heal or protect the people of my village. And then - then what he did to White Nil. The poor man. He is down in the cove, now, crawling around like a mindless animal.
    That Fae stole my power, but what it did to Nil - what misery you've brought on our heads!
    when asked: White Nil?
    And you presume to know her will? Perhaps Nil strayed from Lyria's path. But you are certainly not to judge. Pray to Lyria for forgiveness and healing.
    if chosen the response: Clearly, it was Lyria's will.
    Bereft of his senses after the Fae.. he's gone down into the cove and nothing I say will make him come out again.
    Even if I had my former powers, I would not waste them on you, your meddling ingrate.
    when asked about her healing powers.
    I wish you swift travel - out of Galafor.



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