Porthole Buckler
Porthole Buckler Inventory
Durability 25
Armor Rating 142
Rarity Unique
Type Buckler
Requirements Finesse 43
Effects +30% Block during Daytime
+10% Fire Resistance
Porthole Buckler is an armor piece in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


Salvaged form a shipwreck, this round piece of scrap was later forged into a makeshift buckler, taking advantage of the circular steel plate that surrounds its thick porthole. The thick glass allows the holder to view his opponent with ease.


  • Blocks 97 Damage
  • +30% Block Efficacy during Daytime
  • +10% Fire Resistance


  • Porthole Buckler can be found randomly in chests or as loot. This is only true for locations on Gallows End.


  • As with all other items from The Legend of Dead Kel DLC, the Porthole Buckler should scale with level. The stats shown are the maximum stats possible.


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