Penri Kell
Penri Kell
Basic Info
Race Varani
Gender Female
Location Yolvan
Class Rogue
Faction Travelers

Penri Kell is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I am a firstborn Travelers child, raised to live the way my people have for centuries-- by wit and wiles.


Penri Kell is a Traveler looking to acquire wealth from an old Fae ballad. She needs an adventurer's help to accomplish this.

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Penri Kell's my name. Traveler, by vocation - I have no trade, but I do have a job for one like yourself. Interested?
Never met a Traveler before, have you? We may look humble, but our purses are always full. You can find a lot of coin if you know where to look... and when.
An ancient castle inhabited by spiders. They say a witch is involved in its overthrow. I do not know of such things.
when asked about Castle Yolvan.
None are safe from its wilting touch. Not even the Travelers. Like everyone in Amalur, our fate is in the cards.
when asked about the Crystal War.
Lambs, all of them, yes? The people in Gorhart wish to hide from the war beneath the trees. But you and I both know the truth. There is no running from the Tuatha.
when asked about the Gorhart.
At first listen, the Fae speak in riddles. But bend an ear. They revere stories. It is how they give their lives meaning. If you can call what they do "life". The House of Ballads is a place where the Fae revel in their past glories. It is north of here if you're curious.
when asked about the House of Ballads.
That man is a lunatic, no? We have a saying for people like him in the Travelers. That he was born under the sign of the idiot.
when asked about Oleander Sinclair.
New to the Faelands, yes? We Travelers are folks without land, law, or king. We go where we want and do what we please. That aside, it's pretty much common knowledge that we're some of the greatest thieves in the land. "Kiss a Traveler and count your teeth," so the saying goes.
when asked about the Travelers.
They usually stay with the war in the east. Thankfully so. But I've killed a few here in the dark wood. Wish I knew what brought them.
when asked about the Tuatha
Anyone who labors to defy nature is a fool. The Warsworn built that keep to stand for all time. But it will fall, like all the others. They should heed the lesson of Castle Yolvan. If magic wishes to reclaim what's rightfully hers, she will do it.
when asked about the Warsworn
I have traveled Webwood many times, but that was before the recent... unpleasantness. Spiders have overtaken the forest. It is best avoided.
when asked about the Webwood
It is the crossroads of the southern routes. It is also a haven for those wishing to escape the horrors of Webwood. To the west lies Gorhart village. To the north is the House of Ballads.
when asked about Yolvan
You might try your hand at thievery. If you like it - and you're good enough - you can sell "your" goods to our fences.
Pleasant travels.

During Reprisal, Reprised:

The Ballad is called "Ring and Reprisal." I know little about it, but if we re-enact the ballad step by step, the ring should come to us. In the story, a maiden asks a champion to reclaim a ring stolen by a troll. It's a few years too late, but I'll play the role of the maiden. You be the champion. First, you must prove your prowess by hunting wild antelope, and bring back something to lure the troll.
when asked "What do you have in mind?" - upon accepting the quest.
Who knows? You'd have better luck getting an answer from one of these damn Fae. But it's what the ballad calls for. You can find antelope nearby. Bring them down and get proof of your kills -- we'll need them later on.
when asked "Why do we need hunting trophies?"
Good. The troll that stole the ring in the ballad is named Lekka the Corpulent. I guess he had a bit of an.... appetite. You need to mount the trophies just like the champion in the ballad. When all are displayed, Lekka should come. Once he's there, it should be easy business claiming the ring. I mean, you have killed a troll before, right?
after returning to Penri Kell with the Antelope Heads.
Ah. Thanks for dealing with Lekka. I -- I wasn't really afraid, mind you. Just playing the part, is all. Now that this business is over, just give me the ring and I'll give you your payment.
after defeating Lekka the Corpulent.

Upon the conclusion of Reprisal, Reprised:

And here's your reward. You know, you have the makings of a decent Traveler -- and I mean that as a compliment.
after choosing to give the Maiden's Ring to Penri Kell.
Well... after seeing what you did to that troll, I'm not keen on the idea of getting on your bad side. Keep the ring, if you so please. Looks like there's no fairy tale ending after all, you would make a good Traveler.
after a successful persuasion attempt to keep the Maiden's Ring from Penri Kell.
Somehow, I doubt that. We Travelers can tell when a silver tongue is tarnished. Take the money -- like we agreed -- and I'll keep the ring.
after an unsuccessful persuasion attempt to keep the Maiden's Ring from Penri Kell.
Ha! I expected you'd try this. You'll find that I'm not the helpless maiden from the story!
after telling Penri "I'll take the ring."

After the completion of Reprisal, Reprised:

I have to say, the Fair Folk may be little strange, but they have quite a way with stone... Thanks for your help in claiming this bauble. It was worth every coin.
when asked about the Maiden's Ring if it was not kept by the Fateless One.
Hrm. Enjoying it, are you? Good. Now why don't you leave well enough alone?
when asked about the Maiden's Ring if it was kept by the Fateless One.


  • If you pickpocket her you can obtain the Travelers Tales.
  • She has 1,599 Gold which can respawn on her person. Even if you steal all of it before finishing Reprisal, Reprised she will have gold to pay you.