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Out of the Darkness
Out of the darkness
Location Allestar Tower
Prerequisite Start game (starts shortly after character creation)
Next Quest Into the Light
Reward Freedom
Salvaged loot
Progress in storyline
Type Main

Out of the Darkness is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. This quest serves as the opening quest for the game.


After awaking in a pile of bodies, deep underground, you must find a way to escape this place and hopefully clues as to who you are, why you are here, and where 'here' is.


The quest starts with a few cut scenes and you just coming out of a pile of corpses. Walk forward until you see a large rock to your right, there is a small path along the ridge. Walk along it and you will find a skeleton which you can loot for 11 gold. Continue to the quest marker and you will find a skeleton with a rusty sword through it which you must take to continue the quest. Continue forward through to the quest marker and you will find two giant rats which take about two hits each to kill. As you continue down a long hallway there will be many crates which you can break with your sword to get a lot of gold. As you continue you will come across a jumping point which you must jump off of to continue. You cannot go back so make sure you got all of the gold from the crates.

Jump off and fight the two Tuatha soldiers and loot them so you can get their armor. Then talk to the gnome from the first cut scene and he will explain to you where you are and what you are doing there. He will guide you up a long stairwell leading to The Well of Souls. Continue to the quest marker and you will find a dead Tuatha with a bow, take it and shoot down the Tuatha on the opposite cliff. Continue and you will find some daggers on the ground which you should take. Continue along the path to find a few more Tuatha, unaware of your presence. Sneak up on them and kill them, or you can attack them head on and loot their bodies for some extra loot.

Continue down the hallways until you reach some plants and a strange orb. There you will gain your magic ability in which you can fire a lightning bolt straight ahead of you towards an enemy. Use the lightning bolt and look around for a chest that contains a crude birch staff that deals fire damage. You will require this item to burn through the spider webs to advance. As soon as you walk through a large arch you will find spiders that are vulnerable to your magic attack and staff. Kill them with a few hits each and look for a chest before you reach the second spider web it contains some valuable items for spell casters, or people who want to sell them. Continue to burn the spider webs and kill the spiders. When you come across a turn you will find a spider egg sac that contains some more items valuable to spell casters. Continue to find a few gnomes and many chests filled with valuable armor and weapons. You will have to talk to the gnome that has been following you. Take what you want from the armory and head up the stairs. You will then find Fomourous Hugues.

Complete the cutscene and head up the stairs at the end of the laboratory. Halfway up the stairs you will find a little room with two Tuatha. Your attack style may vary, but you have to take them out to pass. Continue up the stairs and you will find a dead gnome with a minor healing potion. Continue through the door to the first boss of the game. The Rock Troll is accompanied by two Tuatha. The Rock Troll is resistant to your magic and can deal devastating physical damage. You should dodge the major attacks with its tree stump and attack him from the back if you are using physical weapons. If you are using ranged damage you should be careful of its ranged attack. The Troll smashes its club into the ground and launches rocks directly towards you. When you have depleted its health meter, you will perform a special attack to finally finish the battle.

After you have beaten the Rock Troll head outside for you first glimpse of Amalur. You exit onto a small patch of land surrounded by a creek, there are various weak enemies and treasures in the first area so it is recommended you explore and try to find some reagents and weapons that suit you. If you enter a small forested area to the left you will find a bear attacking a gnome, kill the bear and talk to the gnome. Once you defeat the gnome you can persuade him to give you 104 gold. Continue to Agarth, a fateweaver to receive your next quest.


Some notable loot found include:


One step of the beginning quest is to equip a shield. It is important to remember that when you equip a shield you receive all of the bonus factors even if you do not ever use it.  For example, if you later acquire a shield with a +5% health bonus, you receive that bonus at all times just for having it equipped and never have to raise it to block.



You were reborn from the Well of Souls, and have escaped Allestar Tower.
Points 10 Game points
Trophy Bronze trophy



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