Osduin 1
Basic Info
Race Summer Fae
Gender Male
Location Lorca-Rane
Class Rogue
Faction House of Ballads

Osduin is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Every new leaf and boggart's dance I see brings joy to my heart. But nothing equals my joy at the Flowering.


Osduin is an enthusiastic Summer Fae located in eastern Lorca-Rane, near where the Warsworn quest The Road Patrol occurs. He and a Summer Fae named Boderill routinely perform a telling called The Flowering, and the time is upon them to act it out once more, only Boderill is nowhere to be found.



The season is upon us. The time of the Flowering has come, yet I fear there will be no ceremony, no Flowering... no joy.
upon your first meeting with him.
Why it is the finest, most miraculous thing. It is... no, there is no worthy description. But alas, Boderill has not returned. With no one to play his part, I fear it is not to be. I asked the mortal maid for help, but she refused. I have resigned myself to sorrow.
when asked about the Flowering.
Why Boderill is... well, he always returns to take part in the Flowering. Only now the season has come, but he has not. Why, I cannot say.
when asked about Boderill.
Go? He is returned to the Great Cycle, of course. He gives himself to the Flowering and the ceremony is complete.
when asked about where has Boderill gone (succeeded in persuasion attempt).
She was looking for one of her kind. I asked if she would help with the Flowering. I was very patient. I explained that the ceremony was far more important than her lost friend, but she would not have it. Mortals.
when asked about the mortal maid.
Then I rejoice! Boderill's first task - your first task, I mean - is to gather the chrysalae. The chrysalae are... seeds, of sorts. You will find them throughout the woods. When you have gathered them seek me in Brunuath Hollow.
upon accepting the quest.
When the time of the Flowering draws near. Boderill arrives It is then we set to work, he in his way and I in mine. Only this time... he is delayed. He has not come.
when asked again about Boderill.
She came in search of things: a mortal boy, some ancient fragments. I do not pretend to understand the thoughts and workings of mortals.
when asked about the Mortal Girl.
The Flowering is our Ballad, Boderill's and mine. But he has not returned, so cannot play his part. Our story cannot be relived, cannot be retold. I do not understand how this could be.
when asked about the House of Ballads.
Yes, you might call it that. But I say. "Our Woods,""Our Ancient Stones." We are theirs, as much as they are ours.
when asked about Lorca-Rane.
There is more to mortals than I had thought...
The chrysalae? Each and every one? You are as a second Boderill. I will prepare for my part while you plant the seeds. Place one on each earthen mound around this space. Do you see where? Good.
when you bring him the seeds he asked for.
Now, stand on the plattaform so that we can begin.
What? Why do you remain? That is not how the ceremony goes. You were supposed to give yourself to the sprites - as Boderill always did. Instead, look at them! You have killed them all!
after you defeat all the sprites that attacked you.
This I had not considered... mortals forever perplex me. You are not Boderill, so I must make allowances. Very well. Although this was not as I hoped, you could only do what Fate permits. But, since Boderill should be gone, so should you: leave Brunuath. But first, have this: a gift of the Flowering.
when you explain that you cannot return to the Great Cycle (succeding in persuasion attempt).
Leave and go in peace, young one.

Additional InformationEdit

  • If the Fateless One offers to act in Boderill's place, Osduin will be overjoyed, and sketch out the details of Boderill's part in the telling. A persuasion check asking about Boderill's usual haunts is available.


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