Orcha Tetran
Basic Info
Race Varani
Gender Female
Location Blue Bear Tavern
  • Healing
  • Orcha Tetran is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    I like the people. We get all sorts of interesting folk in here, like Odwald the scribe. Like you. Nope. I'm never bored, not in Emaire.


    Orcha Tetran is the village Healer in Emaire. She lives in the Blue Bear Tavern with her husband, Han Tetran. Unlike many in the village, she believes in the refugees stories of the Tuatha attack on the Tywili Coast and wishes she could do more to assist them.

    Like all Healers, she will heal/cure the Fateless One of any condition, for a small fee.


    She can always be found at the Blue Bear Tavern in the village of Emaire, within the Cradle of Summer.


    Hello, I am Orcha Tetran, village healer. You're new in Emaire. I never foget a face. Are you with the refugees?
    upon your first encounter.
    I'm sure you've heard about how Emaire is the birthplace of modern herbalism, a cradle of enchanted flora, a haven for the wildest reagents.
    when asked about Emaire
    They are a sorry caravan. I for one believe their stories. Look what the Tuatha have done across the sea, and what they intend to do if they arrive here, gods forbid. What would stop them from sending warriors to hunt us down by our very hearths? The Tuatha will not rest until they break us. That is why we must never let them.
    when asked about the Refugees.
    I've never met one so obsessed. He goes on and on about his life's work, as if other mortals will find his study of the Fae as fascinating as he does. You can usually find him holed up in his house across the way, but sometimes he spends time here with us in the tavern.
    when asked about Odwald Bynothas.
    Bye. Stay safe.



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