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Founded By
  • Unknown
  • Current Leader
  • Unknown
  • Notable Members
  • Elund Carth
  • Locations
  • Rathir
  • Orbocant is a faction in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    The Orbocant is the shadowy government that rules Rathir in secret. Only one member of the council is ever known at a time, known as the Elund. The Elund is the face and the voice of the council.

    After the events of Reckoning and the defeat of the Tuatha Deohn the Fateless One is given the honor of using one of the lower floors of the Orbocant building as a residence. The floor was previously occupied by General Tilera, and is taken care of by ... . When the Fateless One exits the building for the first time the guard stationed outside comments that he's never before seen anyone entering or leaving the building.


    Upper Rathir.


    Current Members:

    Former Members:


    • Though it is no secret the Orbocant is located in a large mansion in Upper Rathir no one has ever seen anyone leaving or entering the building.


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