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Opening a Vein

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Opening a Vein
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Quest Giver Mayor Eswin Ealfhelm or Adath Skoria
Location Whitestone (Apotyre, Detyre)
Prerequisite Bone Town
Next Quest None
Reward gold, and infrequent greatsword or cuirass
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Opening a Vein is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Working with the mayorEdit

  • If the Fateless One agrees to continue working with the Mayor the first step will be to obtain a sample of tyrenium from Skoria Mine.
  • The mine is located at the eastern end of the central trench. Once inside a successful persuasion check or a bribe are needed to convince Thelgood Skoria to open the door. Or you can use the camera glitch* using the option in conversation "Thelgood Skoria". He also explains the situation inside the mine.
  • In order to obtain a sample of tyrenium the Fateless One will have to fight several Niskaru and a Niskaru Tyrant.
  • When the Fateless One returns with the sample the Mayor will say that Adath Skoria needs to be killed.
  • Adath can be found on the first floor of the General Store. Because he is treated as a neutral NPC he needs to be murdered, which will increase the bounty on the Fateless One's head. Guards' involvement can be avoided if he is killed quickly, and once he is dead the no-one will even mention the murder.
  • The Mayor will reward the Fateless One with a random infrequent greatsword and some gold.
  • *Glitch is possible, while changing the point of view of the camera. View must be closer to all worked.

Working with the SkoriaEdit



  • At the end of the quest the Fateless One is stuck with the Skoria Family Ring. It takes up one Inventory Slot and has no stats.
  • If you speak to Thelgood Skoria before starting this quest you will appear on the other side of the gate and can therefore finish the dungeon and retrieve the ore sample, but when you start the quest you will be unable to finish the quest as you already have the ore sample (which can't be sold).
  • If the Fateless One pickpockets Adath Skoria on the mayor's quest to find him, you can get the Skoria Ring, but if the Fateless One sides with Adath on this mission the ring will be kept taking up one, annoying, inventory slot

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