Oneth Tansand
Oneth Tansand
Basic Info
Race Dokkalfar
Gender Male
Location Customs House

Oneth Tansand is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


So many forms! They just keep piling up! Then I get them muddled and Augusta scolds me and I end up at the Seafoam.


Oneth Tansand is a Dokkalfar citizen of Rathir. He works at the Customs House, and is in charge of controlling all the cargo that comes in, and out of the city. He also plays a small role in one of the Warsworn quests: The House of No Doors.


He can always be found within Lower City at the Customs House, in the city of Rathir.



This is the Customs House.
All your papers in order then? You'll need those to move your cargo. Say... you're not a merchant, are you? Or a sailor.
upon your first encounter.
All trade in and out of Rathir must pass through customs. And Lyria's tears, how much trade there is! We've buried in it!
when asked about the Customs House.
There's a form for port of entry, three for the unloading of cargo, and four for loading a ship. And then the various writs of trade.
when asked about the Papers.
Can't miss her. She's the gnome right over there, shouting and making tallies from dawn until dusk.
when asked about Augusta Adele.
Why, the tavern around the corner. Always good cheer there, and never so many papers and crates as in the Customs House.
when asked about Seafoam.
Step outside and turn Northwest. Those docks are open to merchants, which means, by and large, Varani.
when asked about The Quays.
Where they come from, I don't know. But they come on boats, in all seasons, and with goods from all of Amalur.
when asked about the Varani.
When an island is not an island. More crates of goods, soldier's feet, and mage's robes cross this jut of rock than any other in the Faelands.
when asked about Rathir.
Lyria! Where did I put the second form, again?



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