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Niskaru Tyrant

Niskaru Tyrants are seen across the Warsworn storyline and seen in the main storyline.

  • Niskaru Tyrants are the second strongest Niskaru class, with the strongest being a Niskaru lord.
  • Niskaru Tyrants are much stronger then the lower-class Niskaru with their ability to muster fire and spells.
  • Niskaru Tyrants are much taller than lower-class Niskaru and seem to lack certain features that lower-class Niskaru have.
  • Niskaru Tyrants are resistant to fire-based attacks
  • Niskaru Tyrants are vulnerable to ice-based attacks.

Note: Some Tyrants wield elemental ice and are therefore weak to fire. An example of this is the Niskaru Horrinox who appears several times in the game.

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