Narit Wyle
Basic Info
Race Ljosalfar
Gender Male
Services Lockpicking Trainer

Narit Wyle is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Came to Adessa with my brother Harit and my sister, Guenfear. Was only children when we had to flee the fires of war... but here we are.


Narit Wyle is an Advanced level Lockpicking Trainer, and a Ljosalfar worker on The Walls living in the Hospitalis Quarters in Adessa.


Usually found standing around the Hospitalis Quarters in Adessa.



He can train the Fateless One in advanced lockpicking training, teaching anywhere between level 4 to 6.

Bug: Sometimes, the trainer option will not appear, and dialogue options are limited. This appears to be related to his position in the building. When he was on the second floor, training was unavailable. When he was on the first floor, training was available, and his dialogue options had been reset.


Back again? Can't say that I've much to offer you, but I'm always happy to talk.
Adessa... is different from Rathir. Everything about this city is planned, all its details already known. Rathir was built so haphazardly, it'd keep surprising you...
when asked about Adessa
Most don't want to live here. But we Wyles have been refugees since the Tuatha first attacked. We're just happy to stop running.
when asked about the Hospitalis Quarters
I know how to make a door open when it doesn't want to, if that's what you're asking. Pretty useful in a city with a few secrets.
when asked about Lockpicking Training
Wretched curs, all of them. If it weren't for my siblings I'd be fighting them even now.
when asked about the Tuatha



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