Mysterious Targa
Mysterious Targa Inventory
Durability 30
Armor Rating 203
Rarity Unique
Type Kite Shield
Requirements Might 43
Effects Blocks 117 Damage
25% Chance to Shock
+10% Lightning Resistance
+15% Mana
Mysterious Targa is an armor piece in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


This mysterious shield, called a "targa" by the Dverga, is believed to be an artifact from a time when indigenous tribes lived on islands across the Frostbreak Sea. The etchings on its surface remain indecipherable.


  • 203 Armor
  • Blocks 117 Damage
  • 25% Chance to Shock enemies when attacked
  • +10% Lightning Resistance
  • +15% Mana


Given to the Fateless One by Priestess Jacinda for completing her request to find Sister Ceanna during the quest Master of the Keep.


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