Myrrine's Burden
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Quest Giver Myrrine
Location Idylla Concourse
Prerequisite Rites of Passage
Next Quest None
Reward Gold
Faction None
Type Task

Myrrine's Burden is a quest available in Teeth of Naros DLC.


Myrrine, a Kollossae priestess living in the Teeth of Naros, has requested that I deal with the large numbers of Marauders that roam the Teeth of Naros. To that end, she has offered me a bounty for any Marauder Totems I can bring to her.



  • It is unclear how many totems can ultimately be collected, as Marauders respawn around the teeth and seem to perpetually drop their totems. There is a similar quest in the Gardens of Ysa called Status Symbol where you must forge Ysa Honor Brands. Despite not giving you a set number in that case, you can only turn in so many before the quest giver informs you that you have made more than enough. At least 15 can be turned in.
  • When a certain amount of totems are turned in (an estimated 60), Myrrine will give you a special bounty for your work and will still be open to future totem collection.  56 was not enough, attempting to turn in another 7 gave the special reward.
  • ("The selection of the bounty is probably random...")  Doubtful... while some Naros rewards are based on builds and playstyles, this reward has always been a Pteryx Talon for me with any build, over at least four different playthroughs.

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