Murghan profile

A Murghan of the swamp variety

For special types of Murghans, please visit their individual pages below


Murghan are lizard-like creatures most commonly found around large bodies of water, rivers, or in caves and swamps. Murghan are in fact children of a Banshaen, but it is unknown whether they mature and transform into one. They wield a lightning-element trident, and are resistant to lightning.

Murghan sometimes have a habit of respawning within minutes of being killed. It is unsure if this behavior is a glitch. Experience IS granted both times they are killed making them very good for training.


  • Average HP: ?
  • Strength: All Murghan resist Lightning, and only Lightning
  • Weakness: None
  • Attacks: Triple Combo; Heavy Smash; Thunderstorm (when channeled by a Banshaen)
  • Location:
  • Difficulty: Easy


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