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Mitharu is the most beloved god among the Almain, as Ynadon for the Ljosalfar, Lyria for the Dokkalfar, Njordir for the Varani, and Ethene for the Kollossae.



  • The first widespread known worshippers of Mitharu were the Erathi. They spread this belief through the younger races that they had conquered, most notably the Almain. Today, Mitharu is worshipped by a majority of the Almain, especially the Order of Mitharu and has a decent following among the Ljosalfar.
  • There are Almain missions to Mitharu located across the Faelands. A chapel to Mitharu is always one of the first buildings constructed in an Almain settlement.
  • Believers in Mitharu may often refer to the god in question via the epithet "The Authority".

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