Minor Life Leech is a potion in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Minor Life Leech
Minor Life Leech
Basic Info
Rank Novice
Effect 10% Lifesteal
Found Merchant


Grants 10% lifesteal on all attacks.

This is a potion of novice rank that can be purchased from a merchant.


The Alchemy recipe exists for Minor Life Leech does not exist.


The following vendors sell this potion:

Additional Info Edit

  • The Fateless One does not acquire a recipe for Minor Life Leech even after attaining the maximum level of the alchemy skill.
  • This potion appears to be a duplicate of the Minor Flesh Eater potion.
  • The description for Minor Life Leech is incorrect; instead of 10% Lifesteal, 25% Lifesteal (10) is granted.