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Minor Life Leech is a potion in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Minor Life Leech
Minor Life Leech
Basic Info
Rank ???
Effect 25% Lifesteal (10)
Found Merchant


Grants 10% lifesteal on all attacks.

This is a potion of unknown rank that can be purchased from a merchant.


The follow reagents are needed to make this potion:

  • [[]] ()
  • [[]] ()
  • [[]] ()

This recipe is sold by:


The following vendors sell this potion:

NOTE: There does not appear to be a page for Greater Life Leech. It can be purchased from Eren Calse, Moon Camp.

Additional InfoEdit

You do not get this recipe when you max your alchemy skill.

The description for this potion is misleading. Instead of 10% Lifesteal, it grants 25% Lifesteal (10).

This potion seems to be an exact duplicate of Minor Flesh Eater, except that potion can be crafted.


  • Image Needed: The recipe card for this potion (if it exists) needs to be uploaded and placed in the gallery below.
  • Rank Needed: The rank of this potion cannot be determined until someone is able to craft it.


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