Merchants are a class of NPC that provide goods for sale. They may be general merchants or focus on a particular specialty, such as alchemy or sagecraft.

They also buy your stuff. Luckily for you, they will buy all your stuff, even if they wouldn't normally sell that type of item. Better yet, they have unlimited gold for bartering, so you don't have to use multiple merchants or wait for a merchant's gold to respawn.

A special type of merchant, known as a Fence, will even buy any stolen goods you may have. Be warned: a regular merchant will have nothing to do with stolen property.

List of Known General MerchantsEdit

List of Known Fences that are also General MerchantsEdit

List of Known Alchemy MerchantsEdit

List of Known Armor MerchantsEdit

List of Known Book MerchantsEdit

List of Known Sagecraft MerchantsEdit

List of Known Weapon MerchantsEdit

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