Meeting with Magnus
Trolls in Arena
Quest Giver Jakin Madsen
Prerequisite A Viper For All Seasons
Next Quest Championship Match
Reward Gold
Faction House of Valor
Type Faction

Meeting with Magnus is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Talk to Jakin Madsen. He will send you to talk to Tyr Magnus in a small area behind the market. Instead of Tyr Magnus showing up, you will instead speak to Cyrus Erlin. You can either persuade him to run off, or kill him and the few assassins that appear if you choose the other options. So be sure to save your game before you talk to Cyrus.

Go back to Jakin, you will be confronted by Jokull Fangard, who will tell you that your team is fighting trolls and that Tyr is betting against you and give you the Gambling Ledger. Take any of the right-side dialogue options to end the conversation. Speak to Jakin Madsen to start the match (which has already begun for your teammates). When heading toward the arena entrance you will be stopped by a Magnus' Guard. You will have to fight two Magnus' Guards to continue on into the arena.

In the Arena are two Trolls which are scaled to your level when you first enter the area. At level 30 and above two Prismere Troll.

Return back to Jakin Madsen to get your reward (XP and Gold, both level-based ~4600 and 15150 at level 36).


Reward: level-dependent Gold


  • If you save your game immediately after driving off/killing the guard who you meet as a "distraction", then run up the arena stairs to the top and you can watch your team fight the trolls from the gallery. The save is recommended as your team begins losing quickly if you don't hurry along to defend them.
  • It is also recommended to reload your save after watching the fight.


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