Maura Chalin
Basic Info
Race Winter Fae
Gender Female
Faction Court of Winter

Maura Chalin is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I am Maura, Watcher of the Weave. Gask and his pet sword Cryamor bound me to this chamber, fearing what might happen if I ventured into their new kingdom.


Maura Chalin


She can be found in the great chamber of Weconai.


Ordo (Quest) - main antagonist


You can obtain Enke's Robes by Pickpocketing Maura Chalin in the Ordo (Quest) in Weconai  map.  This is possible by using a stealth potion or using the stealth ability during the fight (or you can hide behind the little walls while she casts spells on you, while waiting for the aggro to decrease and for her to start to walk away).



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