Master of the Keep
Master of the keep
The Master of Gravehal Keep
Quest Giver Padrig Dower
Location Gravehal Keep
Prerequisite Gravehal Tower
Next Quest None
Reward See Rewards
Faction Gravehal
Type Faction Quest

Master of the Keep is a quest available in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


Now that I'm Lord of Gravehal Keep, I should occasionally sit on the throne and hear the requests of those who live under my protection.


This quest is available after completely restoring Gravehal Keep. There are 17 stages to this quest, 17 petitioners and their requests that the Fateless One must deal with. The quest is started by talking to Padrig Dower, and each stage can be initiated by sitting on the throne in the main hall of the Keep.

Note: in order to receive some of the petitions the Fateless One must first find and recruit the petitioner.


  • The 1st petition comes from Priestess Jacinda. She asks the Lord of Gravehal Keep to locate a Sister of Lyria who also travelled on the same ship as Jacinda.
    • The corpse of Sister Ceanna can be found in the westernmost point of the island, in the Jawbone area. There is a Bog Thresh and two Boggart Urchins nearby.
    • On the corpse there is a note which must be shown to Priestess Jacinda to end the task.
  • The 2nd petition comes from Ambrose Flora, the Keep merchant. She would like to recover some goods she hid after she was washed onto the island.
    • The location is marked on the map, it's in the center of The Northern Coast area.
    • Return the goods to Ambrose to complete this stage of the task.
  • The 3rd petition comes from Cillian Keen. He asks for food so he can raise more chickens.
    • This requires 3 Meat. If the Fateless One has enough meat the task can be finished immediately. Otherwise go and hunt the three marked antelopes to collect the necessary meat.
    • Return with the meat to Cillian to complete this stage of the task.
      Tidal jump

      Only for the bravest

  • The 4th petition comes from Zefwyn Lan. He challenges the Lord of Gravehal Keep to reach the bottom of Tidal Pools. Note that if Zefwyn is away on a mission you can't hear this petition, so don't send him away after he returns.
  • The 5th petition comes from Ollie Madsen, who wishes to challenge the Lord of Gravehal Keep to a duel.
  • The 6th petition comes from Padrig Dower, who requests materials to take care of the Keep. He requires 2x Bundle of Beachstone, 2x Bundle of Seasteel.
    • If the Fateless One doesn't possess enough materials Paddy will mark some locations on the map where materials can be found.
  • The 7th petition comes from Calum Toomey, who seeks assistance in resolving a monetary dispute with Elwa Brond in Cape Solace.
    • The debt is 10000 gold. The Fateless One can use persuasion to pay half (66% at level 10), pay in full, or outright refuse to pay.
  • The 8th petition comes from Deirdre Gwint, who wants to find all Dvergan Lorestones on the island.
    • If the Fateless One has not yet found all the stones they will be marked on the map.
    • The stone in the Northeast of the map cannot be reached until you start The Invaders
  • The 9th petition comes from Benwick Athelm, who wants to recover a painting from the Mudhold Fasting.
    • The painting is located near a big loot pile in the deepest part of the Fasting.
      Myfa rhonwen fancy

      Myfa's new clothes

  • The 10th petition comes from Myfa Rhonwen, who asks for money so she can get herself better clothing - to keep up appearances for her diplomatic missions.
    • She asks for 7500 gold. Completing this task will get her robes of a Rathir noblewoman and improve her chances in the quest Diplomacy
  • The 11th petition comes from Aled Powell, who asks if he can kill himself.
    • All he needs is to feel he is needed.
  • The 12th petition comes from Kail Murdagh who asks for help driving Niskaru out of the Flooded Caverns.
  • The 13th petition comes from Adeline Kirk who asks the Fateless One to bring a vial near Akara to capture some of its essence.
    • It is enough to stand on the plate covering the entrance to Akara-Tor.
    • Return the vial to her in the Library to complete this sub-quest.
  • The 14th petition comes from Marten Strand who asks the Fateless One to kill his men who have been turned into followers of Dead Kel.
    • His three mates are Faer Gorta Captains that can be found due north of Mudhold Fasting.
    • Return back to him to complete this sub-task.
  • The 15th petition comes from Bertrand Seznec who asks for three samples of Gallows Bloom.
    Gallows bloom

    The Gallows Bloom

    • Return the samples to him, wait a day while he analyses them, and then return to him to complete this sub-task.
  • The 16th petition comes from Erlen Vanik who asks you to kill a root golem at the entrance to Scuttle Beach.
  • The 17th and final petition comes from Sunhilda Lorelle, who asks that the Lord of Gravehal Keep reconsiders her marriage proposal.
    • She will move into the Fateless One's room after this task.


Each task rewards the Fateless One with experience. In addition, some tasks offer special rewards. These are listed below:

Petitioner: Reward
Priestess Jacinda Mysterious Targa
Ambrose Flora Dvergan Kite Shield
Benwick Athelm Permanent +1 Mana Regen per Sec
Myfa Rhonwen Better performance in Diplomacy
Bertrand Seznec Essence of Fate


  • Sunhilda asks for marriage irrespective of the Fateless One's gender. All dialogues are also the same.
  • Sometimes when you sit down on your throne you'll get the message: "There are no requests currently. Check back again later."
    • Solution: check the Wikia to find out who should be the next person to talk to. You get the message if that particular person is not staying in Gravehal Keep.
    • One person that people often forget to invite to Gravehal Keep is Adeline Kirk who should appear during the 13th petition. In the 14th petition, you'll need Marten Strand,  he can be found during the Scouting Mission.
    • Another is Aled Powell. If he was not offered a place to stay, then he will remain in the cave and not be around to continue this quest.
    • Bertrand Seznec sometimes appears in Gravehal Keep before Zefwyn Lan finds him. He will be available for training, but his Master of the Keep mission will not be available. In that case, or if you are having a hard time looking for Bertrand Seznec, just keep on sending Zefwyn Lan to scouting missions and he will eventually appear and the 15th mission will become available. This could take time.


  • The vial used for Adeline Kirk's task remains in the inventory and cannot be removed.
  • There is no reward for marrying Sunhilda Lorelle, contrary to what she promises.
    • Her dialogues don't change either. Even after finishing Master of the Keep she still asks when the marriage will be held.
  • Just completing another quest (e.g. the painting one) was enough to advance the 15th petition; you may not have to wait a day.
  • You can meet with Sunhilda for the 17th petition before you've recruited her from an alliance via the Diplomacy quest.
  • Sometimes Marten Strand's Faer Gorta don't appear and the quest cannot be completed, preventing any more Master of the Keep quests from being done. No known solution.
  • Says "quest complete" when completed, but stays on Faction list.