Master Kiftal
Master kiftal
Quest Giver Master Kiftal
Location Cann-Rane
Prerequisite Master Farraglen
Next Quest Heroes Shall Not Pass
Reward Kiftal's Elixer
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Master Kiftal is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The apothecary Master Kiftal is overcome by the horror of the poisons and diseases the Witchknight Anira has sanctioned her to create for the Tuatha.  She has asked me to bring her the Sorrogweth Fungus, which grows nearby, so that she may use it to create a potion that will allow me to pass beyond the magic barrier that guards the Witchknight.


Master Kiftal is one of three connected side quests given by Tuatha Master Makers, held prisoner in Cann-Rane by the Witch Knight Anira.  The other two are Master Belne and Master Kiftal.

Master Belne and Master Farraglen's side quests must be finished before Master Kiftal's can be started.


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