Marisal Cadyr
Basic Info
Race Dokkalfar
Gender Female
Location Pride of Pryderi
  • Merchant
  • Marisal Cadyr is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    Give us a wink, love. Drives my rusty nail of a husband mad. Now, what can I do for you?


    Marisal Cadyr is a Dokkalfar weapons merchant and wife of Cyf Cadyr. Together they own the Pride of Pryderi in the city of Rathir.

    As a weapon merchant, she sells weaponry as well as the following components:

    Components (Misc)


    She can always be found at the Pride of Pryderi within Lower City.


    I'll sell you weapons, but if it's armor you need, you'll have to speak to that husband of mine.
    upon your first encounter.
    I like to think that every weapon I forge just might kill one of those Tuatha. That's what helps me sleep at night.
    when asked about Weaponsmithing.
    Him? If you've any love of life, don't talk to him. Can't abide a joke, can't enjoy a drink.
    when asked about her husband; Cyf Cadyr.
    Good enough a apprentice, though he's wanting some in courage. Still, I pity him, the hours he spends under the dark cloud of my husband's scowl.
    when asked about Edar Odi.
    A terrible thing, much as it keeps us in business.
    when asked about The War.
    Before the war, the people of Rathir were filled with hope, with joy. Most of them, anyway. Have you met my husband?
    when asked about Rathir.
    Farewell, love.



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