Malicious Practices
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Quest Giver Matrim Hawkins
Location Mel Senshir Hospital
Prerequisite Breaking The Siege
Next Quest None
Reward Experience
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Malicious Practices is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


A wounded soldier named Matrim Hawkins claims that something horrible is happening beneath the Broken Tower. Perhaps I should investigate.


  • Talk to Matrim Hawkins in the Mel Senshir Hospital. He will tell you that death is taking him to a tower and he doesn't want to be taken.
  • The Fateless One should explore the Broken Tower (two(2) Weapon Racks & two(2) Unlocked Chests) in Mel Senshir, to the west of the south gate.
  • In the Basement (one(1) Skeleton, two(2) Piles & one(2) Corpse) the Fateless One will find Corialia Scathe, and can either let her continue the research or to stop her.

Stopping Corialia ScatheEdit

  • Corialia is a mage, and she summons several Sprites to her aid.
  • Once she's down the Fateless One should return to Matrim Hawkins to end the quest (level-based XP ~3450 at level 37, but no Gold).

Working with Corialia ScatheEdit

  • If the Fateless One decides to work with Corialia then Matrim Hawkins must be killed to remove any evidence of Corialia's practices.
    • Matrim is a neutral NPC and therefore must be assassinated. Care must be taken to do it without witnesses. However, if you speak to him first, he will know that you have made a deal with Corialia & fight you. Speaking to him first will remove any chance of being caught for murder.
  • Once that's done the Fateless One should return to Corialia (level-based XP ~3450 at level 37 and a random necklace, but no Gold).


  • Depending on the Fateless One's choice, the reward is Experience or experience plus a random necklace.
  • If you are already level 40 then there are no rewards for saving Matrim Hawkins.

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