Maiden's Ring
Maidens ring
Rarity Unique
Type Ring
Effects +10% Health

Maiden's Ring is an Item in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


This charming ring is quaint in its simplicity.


  • +10% Health


Penri Kell, the quest giver, and the player remade the actions heard in a local ballad.


Maiden's Ring is a Unique accessory looted from the troll Lekka the Corpulent during the quest Reprisal, Reprised. After defeating the ring's keeper, the player can choose to keep the ring or to give it to Penri Kell in exchange for gold. The player can also get the gold then kill her to loot the ring from her corpse. Pickpocketing while she is asleep is another option to get the ring.


  • Maiden's Ring cannot be removed from the inventory in any way.