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Maid of Windemere
Basic Info
Race Winter Fae
Gender Female

Maid of Windemere is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

She is the arch-nemesis of the House of Ballads, kidnapping the original King Wencen and attempting to enchant him to be her lover. She is represented as an malevolent being and a tyrant, though it should also be noted that until the fateless one's arrival, most of her actions cannot be considered her own, as by Wencen's own words the fights and plot twists are all "scripted".

She has played a role in many of the ballads of the summer Fae heroes, such as tricking Nix the troll into believing he's in the form of a human in the ballad of Two Knights and a Troll to kidnapping and massing a large army of forest Fae to fight for her in the ballad of Queen Belmaid.

Though she is considered 'evil' by the Summer Fae, according to the original Sir Sagrell, she is a hero in the ballads of the Winter Fae. In the final battle, her last words suggest that she is simply trying to escape her painful role as villain.

The maid of windemere's real name is Magwyr but she is reffered to as such only very occasionally by Halam the White.




Only when the memory of ancient glories has faded, can new glory be forged
Imagine a lifetime of bondage one hundred times over, and you will know my suffering
(The Tuatha have taught me that) power only comes with the willingness to destroy, to begin anew and tell new stories
I seek only justice for what has been done to me all these many lifetimes. Don't I deserve as much? Don't we all?
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