Maid of Windemere
Basic Info
Race Winter Fae
Gender Female
Location Castle Windemere
Class Mage

Maid of Windemere is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I am not of the Summer Court, but a flower of the bleak winter. And I desire the one thing that the chill of immortality cannot provide. Love.


She is the arch-nemesis of the House of Ballads, kidnapping the original King Wencen and attempting to enchant him to be her lover. She is represented as an malevolent being and a tyrant, though it should also be noted that until the fateless one's arrival, most of her actions cannot be considered her own, as by Wencen's own words the fights and plot twists are all "scripted".

She has played a role in many of the ballads of the summer Fae heroes, such as tricking Nix the troll into believing he's in the form of a human in the ballad of Two Knights and a Troll to kidnapping and massing a large army of forest Fae to fight for her in the ballad of Queen Belmaid.

Though she is considered 'evil' by the Summer Fae, according to the original Sir Sagrell, she is a hero in the ballads of the Winter Fae. In the final battle, her last words suggest that she is simply trying to escape her painful role as villain.

The Maid's real name is Magwyr but she is referred to as such only very occasionally by Tenhwa and Hallam the White.



At the ending of 'Two Knights and a Troll':

You may search the empire ten times over, but you will not find your beloved Wencen, nor his foolish Court of Enchantments. They, like you, are mine. Dream of me, lovely, for we shall be together soon. The time is coming.
first apparition of the Maid at the House of Ballads.

At the ending of 'What Lies Beneath':

Leave it to Hallam the White and his pet to expose my plans. You will regret ever joining the House of Ballads.
second apparition of the Maid at the House of Ballads.
You will have to try better than that, beloved. I keep secrets for a reason. I wanted the mission's crystals, but the mortal and his boy would not cooperate. But, I always find a way to get what I desire. Don't we all?
when asked: what are the crystals?
I am known as the Maid of Windemere. But that is all you shall learn this day.
when asked: who are you?
Wencen is with me, and hi will stay with me until I deem it fit to return him. If the House of Ballads wishes to have his king, it must send its greatest warrior. Since I have all of them... that leaves you. Come. I wish to collect you, as well. I will be waiting.
when asked about King Wencen.

During 'The Champions' (while entering Windemere):

You've come. Wise. Wiser than those other fools in the House of Ballads. It is their inability to see beyond themselves that has brought them to this end. This is my realm, and any who seek to cross it must first face my challenges. The Wall of Thorns awaits.
You will not lay eyes upon him until I find you worthy of it. I pull your strings now. If you wish to rescue your friends, you must cross the field of battle.
when asked about the king.
As it is in the Telling, so it will be for you. Only a true knight of the House of Ballads may pass beyond the wall. And every true knight needs armor. Tell me, beloved: are your tales worth a minstrel’s breath? Or are you just dust waiting to fall?
when asked about The Wall of Thorns.

After you cross the Wall of Thorns:

Well, I grow more impressed with every head you lay before me. Well done. You rival even Sir Elswin in your foolish arrogance. You may have passed the Wall of Thorns, but the Weeping Gorge proposes its own unique challenges.
He was captain of the royal Windemere guard and my staunchest defender. His body lies below where it fell. I mourn him in my own way.
when asked: Who is Sir Elswin?
Like all the others. Little phantoms hiding behind the victories of the past. Weak minds are the easiest to control, and those two are mine now.
when asked: What about Airmer and Creth?
It is what prevents my enemies from simply marching into my kingdom and feeding it to the flame. To raise the bridge, one must defeat its guardian, the legendary Sir Elswin. Only then will the path make its way open to you. Alas, Sir Elswin has been killed, as goes the story. This time, I fear, he's staying quite dead. Another terrible price of our waning magic. Pity.
when asked: What is the Weeping Gorge?

Once crossed the Weeping Gorge and entering Summer's End, beginning 'Cursed Kingdom':

You are brave. No mortal has ever set foot in my domain. Isn't it wondrous? I've spent centuries whispering my wishes to the earth, the trees. The crystal has made it so. Never before has there been one worthy of sharing it with me. Do you fancy yourself a ruler? Join me and my enchanted beasts in this the autumn of my kind.
And you mean it! That is why you so fascinate me. You continue to snarl, even in the face of your own demise. Admirable. Stupid, but admirable.
when you tell her that you're going to kill her.
Hallam has seen it, and I dream of little else. The tale of the Fae enters its final Telling. All the old songs will perish with their heroes, and a new era will begin. And while the end is near, it has yet to be written. You are the harbinger of change our people have long feared, and with you lies our legacy.
when asked: Autumn of your kind?
Whatever I desire, it makes possible. I wanted to change the ballads, and I have done it. I wanted Wencen, and he is mine. The prismere makes it so.
when asked about the crystal.
Those who seek to be my subjects, to serve me in every way. The wild Fae you see before you are under an enchantment. This keeps them... docile. You are safe here, so long as you do not anger my friends. They will pay you no mind. But some advice: keep your weapons sheathed.
when asked: What enchanted beasts?
Wencen waits for you in my castle, but only a fool would simply invite you in. And I am no fool. I have been part of this story for too long. This village is my legacy, how the world will remember me when all the Courts have fallen. Below, my army prepares to wipe clean the songs of yore. You could lie beside me in the waning days. But if rescuing Wencen is what fate has written for you, then you will find him. And you will find me.
when asked: Where is the king?

Once entered Castle Windemere, beginning 'The Hero and the Maid':

Welcome to my home, beloved. I hope it suits your fancy, for you will never leave it.
I loathe this rock. Its chilled corridors and dripping ceilings. Its whispering haunts of a past long dead. I no more wish to be the queen of this castle as I do not return to it, again and again. I will escape its legacy. That is a promise.
when asked about Windemere Castle.
The fates of Creth and Airmer are on your head, my love. Those good knights were victims of this decaying pattern, sacrifices to the House of Ballads. As for the others... they will fulfil their roles shortly. Each has been saved, freed from their well-worn paths. They walk a new road now. My road.
when asked: What have you done to the others?
Wencen is here, along with his Court of Enchantments. The great halls and corridors echo with their voices, of the ancient stories told an forgotten. It is time to begin anew, for we write the final chapter of the House of Ballads. Only when the memory of ancient glories has faded, can new glory be forged. Everything you see, the castle and all that resides in it, could be yours. That includes my love. Consider it.
when asked: Where is the king?
We meet in the flesh at last. It is a pity our relationship ends here; I was beginning to think we had a future, as creatures of common purpose.
once you meet her at the courtyard of Castle Windemere.
So they say, but you and I both have seen the coming fire, a change the likes of which no Fae - Summer or Winter - has ever seen. The Telling will never cease, but the ballads that make you its grand design will wither and fade, and new ones will blossom on the vine.
when you tell her that you can't rewrite the Telling.
All you have witnessed was for me alone. It was justice. Imagine a lifetime of bondage one hundred times over, and you will know my suffering. You, though... you are special. You are one capable of comprehending such concerns. We two, we are misunderstood.
when asked: Why do all this for me?
Perhaps, but you and I are the same. We challenge the past, and strive to rewrite the future. We are singing the greatest song of all. The Tuatha have taught me that power only comes with the willingness to destroy, to begin anew and tell new stories. And in prismere, they have found the means to do so. I weep for what might have been. You and I, side by side, wielding the power of the crystal. But there can be only one hero.
when you tell her that her ballad his over.
Please, don't do this! I beg you! I seek only justice for what has been done to me all these many lifetimes. Don't I deserve as much? Don't we all?
if you try to speak to her just before the fight starts.
It is the kiss of death. You mock me, beast.
if you tell her that she is destined to die.
"I have spent lifetimes being ignored. No longer!"
if you ignore her.


  • In a few occasions there is a chance to choose between two or three possible responses to the maid. Here I let only one line of argument to make it more easy to read and to give it some argumentative meaning.
  • There is also the possibility to side with the Maid at the very end of the House of Ballads quest, The Hero and the Maid. If this is done, additional dialogue options are unlocked.
  • The Maid of Windemere is a potential lover of the Fateless One, should you decide to spare her life.


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