Lunala's Leggings
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Durability 44
Armor Rating 79
Rarity Set Piece
Type Leggings
Requirements Finesse 28
  • +5% Critical Hit Damage
  • +24 Armor
  • Lunala's Leggings is an armor piece in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    "Standing over the corpse of her now deceased husband Allyn, a Varani  woman, wept tears upon the ground. Staring up at the full moon as it reached its zenith in the sky Allyn prayed to Lunala for strength in her darkest hour. For twenty-four hours until the moon reached its zenith once again she prayed on as her husband's body was taken from the field. Once done she turned to head back to town when a sparkle of light in the bushes nearby caught her attention."


    • +5% Critical Strike Damage
    • +24 Armor

    Lunala's Armor SetEdit

    Lunala's Armor Set provides the following Bonuses:

    • 2 Pieces: +15% Damage Resistance
    • 2 Pieces: +20% Critical Hit Damage
    • 3 Pieces: +15% Melee Block Efficacy
    • 3 Pieces: +15% Ranged Block Efficacy
    • 3 Pieces: +15% Magic Block Efficacy
    • 4 Pieces: +15% Chance to Stun

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