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Lost Arts

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Lost Arts
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Quest Giver Themistoklea
Location The Living Quarters (Idylla)
Prerequisite Rites of Passage
Next Quest None
Reward ...
Faction None
Type Task

Lost Arts is a quest available in Teeth of Naros DLC.


Themistoklea, a Kollossae noble from the city of Idylla, has offered to pay me for any Kollossae artifacts I may unearth during my explorations of the Teeth of Naros. She will pay me for large artifacts and small ones.


  • I have found / looted and successfully returned artifacts, however NONE of them were located in the Teeth of Naros. All were in areas of the main game, revisited after having completed the Teeth of Naros.
  • The artifacts themselves are not in the "Teeth".
  • Unless you find something that gives you a comment in the dialogue box about "I have artifacts for you", then you haven't found one.
  • The artifacts are named as such, e.g. "Small artifact" or "Large artifact".

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