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Lorestones are interactive objects scattered throughout the world of Amalur and inhabit most of the games zones.

Activating a Lorestone rewards the player a small amount of XP, accompanied by a voiceover providing insight into the lore of Amalur.

Each Lorestone falls under a "set", which may be observed in the Player Menu under Status > Lorestones. By completing a Lorestone set, ( finding all the required Lorestones throughout a zone/s) the Player will be rewarded with bonus experience as well as a permanent boost to one of their attributes. Generally these boosts are relatively minor, though as the Player unlocks multiple set bonuses, it provides a considerable advantage.

By investing in the 10th rank of the Detect Hidden skill, Lorestones will be displayed on your map, making the Stones considerably easier to find.


Odarath Bonus: +4% Damage with Melee vs. Humans.
Yolvan Bonus: +10% Poison Damage vs. Fae.
Webwood Bonus: +6% Fire Damage.
Ettinmere Bonus: +3% Damage with Melee.
Gorguath Bonus: +6% Damage with Faeblades.
Glendara Bonus: +4% Health.
Haxhi Bonus: +3% Chance to Critical Hit vs. Fae.
The Sidhe Bonus: +6% Mana.
Summer’s End Bonus: +6% Damage with Hammers.
Dalentarth Bonus: +8% Poison Resistance.
Castle Windemere Bonus: +2% Chance to Critical Hit.
Spring Bonus: +3% Health and Mana.
Summer Bonus: +1 Health Regen per Sec.
Fall Bonus: +1% Mana Regen per Sec.

Plains of Erathell:
The Wolds Bonus: +4% Health.
Tala-Rane Bonus: +3% Gold Drops.
Kandrian Bonus: +20% Bleeding Resistance.
Tywili Coast / Galafor Bonus: +20 Health.
Cradle of Summer Bonus:  +5% Chance to Steal 10 Mana per hit.
Fall Bonus:  +1 Mana Regen per Sec.
Summer Bonus: +1 Health Regen per Sec.
Spring Bonus: +3% Health, +3% Mana.

Detyre, Klurikon and Alabastra:
The Red Marches Bonus: +20% Burning Duration.
Alserund Bonus: +5% Armor.
The Hollowlands Bonus: +6 Fire Resistance
Menetyre Bonus: +6% Armor
Apotyre Bonus: +4% Health.
Klurikon Bonus: -10% Equip Requirements.
The Midden Bonus: +6% Bleeding Damage.
Caeled Coast Bonus: +3% Damage with Ranged.
Alabastra Bonus: +4% Damage Resistance.
Amaura Bonus: +6% Critical Hit Damage with Magic.
Bhaile Bonus: +10% Health and Mana.
Winter Bonus: +10% Ice Resistance.
Summer Bonus: +1% Health regen per second.
Spring Bonus: +3% Health, +3% Mana.
Fall Bonus: +1 Mana regen per second.


Displayed below are region maps with the locations of various Lorestone sets...


Plains of ErathellEdit




The Legend of Dead KelEdit

Below are map images of the lorestones found in Gallows End in the The Legend of Dead Kel DLC:

Teeth of NarosEdit

Below are map images of the lorestones found in in the Teeth of Naros DLC:

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