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Lorestones are interactive objects scattered throughout the world of Amalur and inhabit most of the games zones.

Activating a Lorestone rewards the player a small amount of XP, accompanied by a voiceover providing insight into the lore of Amalur.

Each Lorestone falls under a "set", which may be observed in the Player Menu under Status > Lorestones. By completing a Lorestone set, ( finding all the required Lorestones throughout a zone/s) the Player will be rewarded with bonus experience as well as a permanent boost to one of their attributes. Generally these boosts are relatively minor, though as the Player unlocks multiple set bonuses, it provides a considerable advantage.

By investing in the 10th rank of the Detect Hidden skill, Lorestones will be displayed on your map, making the Stones considerably easier to find.


Odarath Bonus: +4% Damage with Melee vs. Humans.
Yolvan Bonus: +10% Poison Damage vs. Fae.
Webwood Bonus: +6% Fire Damage.
Ettinmere Bonus: +3% Damage with Melee.
Gorguath Bonus: +6% Damage with Faeblades.
Glendara Bonus: +4% Health.
Haxhi Bonus: +3% Chance to Critical Hit vs. Fae.
The Sidhe Bonus: +6% Mana.
Summer’s End Bonus: +6% Damage with Hammers.
Dalentarth Bonus: +8% Poison Resistance.
Castle Windemere Bonus: +2% Chance to Critical Hit.
Spring Bonus: +3% Health and Mana.
Summer Bonus: +1 Health Regen per Sec.
Fall Bonus: +1% Mana Regen per Sec.

Plains of Erathell:
The Wolds Bonus: +4% Health.
Tala-Rane Bonus: +3% Gold Drops.
Kandrian Bonus: +20% Bleeding Resistance.
Tywili Coast / Galafor Bonus: +20 Health.
Cradle of Summer Bonus:  +5% Chance to Steal 10 Mana per hit.
Fall Bonus:  +1 Mana Regen per Sec.
Summer Bonus: +1 Health Regen per Sec.
Spring Bonus: +3% Health, +3% Mana.

Detyre, Klurikon and Alabastra:
The Red Marches Bonus: +20% Burning Duration.
Alserund Bonus: +5% Armor.
The Hollowlands Bonus: +6 Fire Resistance
Menetyre Bonus: +6% Armor
Apotyre Bonus: +4% Health.
Klurikon Bonus: -10% Equip Requirements.
The Midden Bonus: +6% Bleeding Damage.
Caeled Coast Bonus: +3% Damage with Ranged.
Alabastra Bonus: +4% Damage Resistance.
Amaura Bonus: +6% Critical Hit Damage with Magic.
Bhaile Bonus: +10% Health and Mana.
Winter Bonus: +10% Ice Resistance.
Summer Bonus: +1% Health regen per second.
Spring Bonus: +3% Health, +3% Mana.
Fall Bonus: +1 Mana regen per second.


Displayed below are region maps with the locations of various Lorestone sets...


Plains of ErathellEdit



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