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Longbow Mastery
Basic Info
Class Finesse
Prerequisites None
Tier 1
Levels 6 (+2)
Type Passive


Longbow Mastery is a Finesse-based ability that allows for the Fateless One to wield bows more effectively, granting a large bonus to damage while using a Longbow and increases in the number of arrows that can be fired before reloading their quiver. It also adds Physical Damage to Longbows, an overall Longbow damage boost and the number of arrows in your quiver.


There are 6 levels to Longbow Mastery. Two more may be unlocked via ability bonuses. Note that unlocking this ability increases your maximum arrow stock by 1.

Level Physical Damage with Longbows Bonus Damage with Longbows
1 +2 +5%
2 +3 +10%
3 +4 +15%
4 +5 +20%
5 +6 +25%
6 +7 +30%
7 +8 +35%
8 +8 +40%

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