Long Overdue
Long overdue
Quest Giver Til's Book Collection
Location Gorhart Reliquary
Prerequisite None
Reward 516 gold
Faction No
Type Side Quest

Long Overdue is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


This locked bookshelf houses the collection of Brother Til, the late Scripture Master of St. Odwig's Perpetual Mission. From the looks of the titles on the remaining books, Til's literary interests tended toward the lewd and lascivious. You may retrieve all of the missing volumes and return them to Til's Collections for a reward.

Book LocationsEdit

Return to St. Odwig's Reliquary in Gorhart to complete this task (reward is based on the level the player character had when acquiring the quest).

Notes Edit

  • Once you start collecting these books, they stay in your backpack inventory. They cannot be moved to the stash or junked. Waiting until later in the game when you have located all of the books but not yet added them to your inventory is recommended.


Amalur - Dramatic Reading of Til's Collection

Amalur - Dramatic Reading of Til's Collection