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Cost 50
Value 4
Type Misc

Lockpick is an Item in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

A small metal lockpick with a wooden grip, designed to open the toughest locks.

Lockpicks are required whenever you attempt to use the Lockpicking skill. If you're out of lockpicks, you can't open locked doors, chests, etc.


The following merchants sell lockpicks:

Merchant Location Default stock Price per unit (gold)
Brun the Bard Odi's Camp, Caeled Coast 16 70
Deda Eolfred Gorhart Inn, Gorhart 16 50
Ferria Stalt Hospitalis Quarters, Adessa 12 65
Gelphyne Nargyfier The Lower TunnelsRathir 24 75
Gwenna Hand United Merchant's Delegation, Ysa 24 43 *
Han Tetran Blue Bear Tavern, Emaire 12 50
Illyn Doldran Mel Senshir 24 70
Larsa Ifwin Northern Docks of Rathir 20 70
Lia Talwist Just outside of Rathir 24 50
Pell Grandy Scholia Arcana Embassy, Ysa 18 38 *
Rikka Egest

The Corner ShopGorhart

16 60
Rolan Arleand Sun Camp 20 50
Senecer Macit

Domus PoliticaAdessa

24 57 *
Trader Hidon Star Camp 12 50

Prices with astrisks * need to be verified.


Lockpicks can be found in the following locations:

  • Random Chests

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