Lock and Key
Warsworn vault
Quest Giver Tine Delfric
Location Shieldring Keep
Prerequisite The Heart of Sibun
Next Quest The House of No Doors
Reward Havoc
Faction Warsworn
Type Faction

Lock and Key is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Lock and Key is the fourth quest in the Warsworn quest line and continues the investigation regarding the stealing of the ancient artifact, The Heart of Sibun from the ancient Warsworn Vault.


After returning to Shieldring Keep with the Heart of Sibun, the Warsworn leader will send you all the way to another Warsworn keep called Helmgard in Tala-Rane. Speak to the leader there, and he will send you to the Vault, a library full of ancient and/or dangerous items. Travel over there, and speak to a Warsworn named Gwyn. She will tell you about the Vault, and how she has taken it upon herself to patrol around it to ensure it always remains closed. Head through the unlocked outer doors with her, then move up to the supposedly locked inner door. Gwyn will express her surprise at the fact the inner door is unlocked! Head in and you will come face to face with numerous Fahrlangi cultists. You could run valiantly into battle with your Warsworn companion by your side, or you could quietly sneak around and silently execute each one. Your choice!

Once you are done slaughtering all those no-good enemies, speak to Gwyn. She has found a key to open the inner door of the Vault, but she is certain that it is a fake. Head back to Helmgard, and speak to the leader there once more. He will tell you that he has imprisoned Gwyn on suspicions that she was the one to open the door for the cultists! Tell him what you will, then head down to the prisons and speak through the bars to Gwyn. Talk to her, and eventually you will get onto the subject of the key that she found. Apparently, being arrested had been so troubling that the female Warsworn before you forgot to show anyone the key! Take it and head back to the leader, and show it to him.

You now will be sent to the town of Tirin's Rest, to see the gnome locksmith there. Journey through the treacherous wastes, battling assassins and dangerous creatures, before finally reaching the relative safety of the town. Head into the locksmith shop, and then into the lab at the back. Once you enter, you will find three Fahrlangi mages screaming at the gnome to come out of his lab. Battle them, and once you are done the gnome should come out. Ask him about the fake key, and he will reveal the Warsworn who asked him for the copy. Armed with the name he gives you, head back to Helmgard and speak to the leader again to end this quest.


Notable LootEdit

  • XP & Gold - both level-dependant
  • Havoc


  • Some players report that the quest does not update after defeating all enemies in the vault thereby preventing quest progress.
  • There are also reports of players not receiving Gwyn's key even after passing both persuasion checks.
    • This only happens when the player already looted her chest earlier. It is not locked and requires no key. The chest will be marked on the map (NE corner) and tagged "not theft" after permission from Gwen.

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