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Lightning in a Bottle

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Lightning in a Bottle
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Quest Giver Eran Methneen
Location Scholia Arcana - Main Hall
Prerequisite Shardfall (quest)
Next Quest A Crowded Mind
Faction Scholia Arcana
Type Faction Quest

Lightning in a Bottle is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



  • Talk to Eran Methneen in the main hall of the Scholia Arcana in Rathir.
  • Head west to Skycrown caves in south-west Galafor.
  • Fight and avoid the traps on your way through the caverns to Skycrown Peak.
  • Fight through the ettins and wolves on the summit to Aethan Engar.
  • Talk to him and he will say something about fighting "her" off, and then he will kill himself using a lightning spell.
  • Return out and track his body south. In the far southwest of western Kandrian, and you will find Aethan in a giant crater. He is also possessed, so another round of talking and then fighting ("Aethan" will summon sprites to fight with "him").
  • Fast travel back to Rathir and talk to Eran Methneen, he will tell you to go talk to Archsage Caledus for your next quest A Crowded Mind and give you your reward (level-dependabt XP, but no Gold).


Some notable loot found includes:


After Aethan Engar commits suicide by lightning, DO NOT simply fast travel to his body, go off the first jump point (to the south) - you will find a skeleton and an unlocked chest.




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