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Life's Work
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Quest Giver Odwald Bynothas
Location Emaire
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Gold and a Greater Assassin's Evasion recipe
Type Side Quest

Life's Work is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Scholar Odwald Bynothas is searching for a series of notes from other scholars that describe the great Fae conflict the Withering War. The notes are likely scattered in the outdoor spaces and dungeons of the Forsaken Plain, but their exact locations are unknown.


  • Talk to Odwald Bynothas in the Blue Bear Tavern, Emaire, Forsaken Plain to learn about the four notes he wants you to collect.
  • Find the four notes:
    1. Aewald's Notes - Can be found in Scholia Arcana's West Library in Rathir on the first bookshelf to the right after entering. The library is across the courtyard from the building with Til's books in the Long Overdue quest.  Not Stealing
    2. Dulstan's Notes - Found in Mull-Rane in the Forsaken Plain in the Plains of Erathell. Take the first left, go through the hidden door (requires Detect Hidden level 5 or greater) and it will be on a skeleton.
    3. Kallas' Notes - In the abandoned campsite west of Mull-Rane in the Forsaken Plain.
    4. Wildfrold's Notes - In The Luminary Leaf, Rathir bookcase immediately to the right when you enter.  Stealing
      • Life's Work - Aeweld's Notes
      • Life's Work - Dulstan's Notes
      • Life's Work - Kalla's Notes
      • Life's Work - Wildfrold's Notes
  • Return to Odwald Bynothas for the reward : XP and Gold, both level-dependant, and a Greater Assassin's Evasion recipe.


The task is to gather the four historic notes about a battle waged between the Summer and Winter courts; be warned that despite the game's in-game description, the locations of the notes are not restricted to the Forsaken Plain.

A potion of Greater Phasewalk will allow the player to take Wildfrold's Notes without earning a wanted level.


Possible Bug/Glitch: I came across a bug wherein if you collect all the notes BEFORE starting the quest then you can start BUT CANNOT COMPLETE IT! Most Unfortunately.--MrBoots009 (talk) 00:02, March 5, 2013 (UTC)


Receive a Greater Assassin's Evasion recipe and ~2,000 gold


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