Letter to Delfric 2
Letter to Delfric 2 Item
In-Game Title To Ancient of War, Tine Delfric,
Author Oda Celfred
Detail An official Warsworn seal, with the mark of a shield on it, adorns this letter.
Location Locked chest inside Shieldring Keep in Yolvan
Preceded By Letter to Delfric

Letter to Delfric 2 is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The chest is locked and contains some random loot, and another scroll titled Letter to Delfric. Taking anything from this chest is stealing.


To Ancient of War, Tine Delfric,

Ancient Delfric, I have received your letter. I will wait. Send a Pledgeshield when you are able. But do not forget the threats that slumber in Detyre. Warsworn honor must be upheld here, as well.

With all respect and Sworn to War,

Castellan Oda Celfred