Letter to Delfric
Letter to Delfric Item
In-Game Title To Ancient of War, Tine Delfric,
Author Oda Celfred
Detail An official Warsworn seal, with the mark of a chestplate on it, adorns this letter.
Location Locked chest inside Shieldring Keep in Yolvan
Followed By Letter to Delfric 2

Letter to Delfric is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The chest containing has a hard lock. In the same chest, a followup scroll called Letter to Delfric 2 is found, together with random loot. Taking it or anything else in the chest is stealing.


To Ancient of War, Tine Delfric,

Tine, I am well aware that many Warsworn are called for in Klurikon, where the war still rages. I am sure you are called to send more Pledgeshields than you can provide, and that the honor (and profit) to be gained there is great. However, it has been two seasons that I have written you begging for ONE seasoned Pledgeshield. Of all the number sent east each day, you do not have two worthy fighters for Ironfast?

With all respect and Sworn to War,

Castellan Oda Celfred