Lerkara Fel
Lerkara fel
Basic Info
Race Human
Gender Female
Faction Scholia Arcana
Rank Adept

Lerkara Fel is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I've got my work cut out for me, repairing the damage that Patrick Morkan did to this village. But I'm glad to be here, at least.


Lerkara Fel is a member of the Scholia Arcana and an Adept. When an entire family was murdered and people disappeared from Mel Aglir and the roads nearby, she tried to attempted to received an audience with Lord Kandrian, but was refused many times before starting the investigations herself. Her notes, the Lerkara's Journal can be found in her room in The Raven. It contains information about the steps she took during the quest The Unquiet Bride.


  • Tulan Cave
  • After The Unquiet Bride quest she will be in The Raven in Mel Aglir.



During The Unquiet Bride quest:

You? What is Engar doing, sending a Neophyte to rescue me? Doesn't he understand what's going on here? There's a necromancer in Mel Aglir!
upon approach in Tulan.
Aethan Engar is one of the most knowledgeable and respected spellcasters in the order. He may seem distracted or absent minded at times, but trust me, we're lucky to have him on our side.
when asked about Aethan Engar.
Not an unusual thing in these times. Especially with the Tuatha raiding the coastline. Kandrian's always been secure. When the order heard of what was happening, we had to investigate. Something unnatural was at play.
when asked about Death.
I'll tell you my whole life story -- just as soon as you deal with the Morkans and save this village.
when asked about herself.
Let this be a lesson to you Neophyte. It's always the quiet towns on the fringe of society with the real freaks, hiding out in plain sight.
when asked about Mel Aglir.
I'll tell you everything you want to know about it -- just as soon as you stop the Morkans!
when asked about the Scholia Arcana.
Look around you -- Patrick Morkan's wife may have died from natural causes, but nothing natural brought her back. I know, because I've been watching her walking corpse feast on prisoners for over a week. She and her husband are... nearby. If you strike quickly you can catch them by surprise and end this horror.
when asked Who is the necromancer?
Yes. I am not certain which is more torturous -- having to watch Patrick Morkan feed flesh to his dead wife... or the way he caresses her cheeks as he wipes blood from her chin.
when asked Nearby?
As threatening as his wife may seem, kill the sorcerer first. Once the master is destroyed, the magic that animates her corpse will dissipate. She is an automaton, after all. We both know there isn't a magic that can bring the dead back to life. I'll see to getting out of this cell. With you distracting them, I should be able to escape. I'll see you at the Raven when this is done.
after choosing Leave it to me.
I could barely light a candle in my current state. The undoubtedly messy task of killing Patrick Morkan -- and his dead wife -- falls to you. Go for the sorcerer first. Once he is dead, the magic that animates his wife's corpse will dissipate. Then perhaps this nightmare will be over. In the mean time, I will make my way back to the Raven to recuperate.
after choosing I could use some help.
By all means, take your time killing the psychopathic necromancer who almost fed me to his dead wife. I'll just wait here.
after choosing Patrick Morkan still lives.

Once completed The Unquiet Bride:

After all this, I am grateful to be alive. And uneaten.
upon your meeting at The Raven.
It's the main base of the Scholia Arcana in the Faelands. Sometimes, I miss city life. But I feel like I have a duty to this town.
when asked about the Rathir Chapter.
We explore the magic of this world, for it is a powerful force that can be abused -- as we've seen.
when asked about the Scholia Arcana.
You've come back. Mel Aglir is managing to get back on its feet, after the Morkans have been dealt with.



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