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Learning Curve
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Quest Giver Telemachus Rasp
Location Scholia Arcana Grounds
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Gold
Type Side Quest

Learning Curve is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Telemachus Rasp, an instructor of the Scholia Arcana, has asked me to travel to Gloamthicket in Acatha and kill a Banshaen Priestess that has been attacking Scholia Arcana initiates that visit the dungeon.


  • Talk to Telemachus Rasp in the Scholia Arcana Grounds in the upper city of Rathir. He will tell you that students have been going to Gloamthicket and not returning.
  • Travel to Gloamthicket and make your way through the rather small cave, where you will fight a few Murghan along the way. At the end of the tunnel, you will be faced with a large Banshaen Priestess.
  • Return to Telemachus Rasp in Rathir. He will reward you (XP and Gold, both level-based).




Sometimes the Banshaen Priestess may disappear during battle effectively making you unable to complete the quest as the Priestess will not respawn once engaged and dematerialized. Saving beforehand is advised.



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