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In origin, an ancient Irish Mythical monster, a possession spirit or vampire. Variations of the word include Dearg-Du, Dearg-Dul and Leansídhe. In Ireland many druids speak of Dearg-Duls which has to be killed by building a cairn of stones upon the grave. The Dearg-Duls can't shape change. Very little is known about the Dearg-Dul. According to Montague Summers, this Irish vampire can be held at bay by piling large amount of stones on its grave

With their bat-like wings and hands that end in claws, Leanashe have a vaguely humanoid torso, with their lower half splitting into tentacles. They range in color from beige and gray to purple and green. Along with poison and dark magic, Leanashe emit a terrible gurgling shriek while fighting.

As seen in the Midden, Leanashe are attracted to decay and corruption. Leanashe grow more powerful as they age, and some ancient individuals are particularly dangerous.

She is fast and posses strong melee and magic attacks, Can even cast illusion spells (though never seen mid-battle). "Travels" alone or rarely with a friend.

A very good tactic to defeat this pest is just to attack it rapidly. It has a very long hit recovery. It's most dangerous attack is when it dives through you and drains some of your health to fully heal itself.


  • Average HP:
  • Strength:
  • Weakness: Piercing Damage
  • Attacks:
  • Location:
  • Difficulty: Medium



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