Larsa Ifwin
Larsa Ifwin
Basic Info
Race Varani
Gender Female
  • Merchant
  • Larsa Ifwin is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    It's my brothers that ply the seas, and bring me goods to trade. When I tire of Rathir, I'll wait till they return -- and back upon the foam.


    Larsa Ifwin is a general merchant. She sells weaponry and armor, as well as the following:

    Potions (Consumables) Gems (Misc)


    Larsa can be found on the docks in the Lower City within Rathir


    You're in want of something rare, something marvelous, am I mistaken?
    upon your first encounter.
    You look like you've traveled far. But no farther than my wares.
    The goods here you'll not find the likes of anywhere else. Not without braving the raging seas, at least!
    when asked about her goods.
    Not a bad sight from the bow of your ship. Although I've never become accustomed to the strange ways of these southern Alfar.
    when asked about Rathir.
    Dokkalfar, or whatever you like to call them. Like and unlike to their sisters in the north. Ljosalfar, that is.
    when asked about the "Southern Alfar."
    Wind at your back.



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