Lab Assistant
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Quest Giver Daedinnear
Location Adessa Laboratories
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Gold
Faction None
Type Task

Lab Assistant is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The gnome Daedinnear, located in the laboratories in Adessa, needs help dispelling the wards on a number of document containers.


  • Talk to Daedinnear in the Adessa Laboratories; he will tell you that some of the containers are now available for you to dispel.
  • Go upstairs and dispel the wards on the chests.
  • Return to Daedinnear for your reward and to make the next batch of chests available for being dispelled.
  • Repeat the previous two steps until all chests are dispelled (No XP or Gold for completing this quest, except the XP from dispelling the various chests and the Gold from Daedinnear for taking care of the numerous dispellings), or the Fateless One finds something better to do.


  • To complete this task, the Fateless One has to dispel the wards on a total of 51 chests, split into sets of three chests each. The first three sets (i.e. nine chests) are protected with Very Easy wards, the next three sets with Easy wards, then three sets with Average wards, three sets with Hard wards, and finally five sets (15 chests) with Very Hard wards.
  • The Fateless One can earn a total of up to 3,810 gold coins for dispelling the wards on all 51 chests; 90 coins for each Very Easy set, 150 coins for each Easy set, 210 coins for each Average set, 270 coins for each Hard set, and 330 coins for each Very Hard set.
  • Although very easy to solve (see below) and not actually taking up much time, it can become a little boring and repetitive having to run back down to Daedinnear, talking to him to make the next set of chests available (even when skipping through the conversation), running back up again, and finally dispelling the wards; this has to be done 17 times.
  • Unlike any other warded container found throughout the game, the Fateless One will not be afflicted with a curse if he ultimately fails to dispel a ward and it explodes.
  • The wards on the containers actually only have to be removed, not necessarily dispelled. This means that removing a ward by ultimately failing to dispel it and making it explode (possibly having to fail multiple times, depending on the Fateless One's Dispelling skill rank) is a viable option because an exploding ward doesn't result in the Fateless One becoming cursed. Even if the wards on all three chests of a set explode, the Fateless One will receive the same amount of gold as if he had successfully dispelled them.

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